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뉴욕타임즈 스코틀랜드 분리독립 관련 일러스트/New York Times Exciting! My illustration was in Monday’s Op Ed pages of the New York Times. Awesome art direction by Matt Dorfman. I wish I could draw Scotland walking across a page with a suitcase every day.

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Graphics Pages 3 - Illustrations and art direction

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This is a very interesting newspaper layout because the main idea starts in the center and then branches off from there. The white apple, and dark background creates a great contrasting look.

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This interesting page would help draw attention to this story, as the shape of it cleverly uses the whole middle column as a graphic, and gathers attantion to the story

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Newspaper nameplate- The box layout for the nameplate is creative and makes the readers turn their heads to look at it from a different perspective. It gives the front of the newspaper "depth", both literally and metaphorically.