Makoto Kagoshima 鹿児島 睦

i've been a fan of makoto kagoshima's ceramics for some time and was so excited to see them in person at chariots on fire down on abbot kinney in venice. and from makoto kagoshima 's own website:

Ceramic Painting, Kagoshima, Ceramics, Illustration Animals, Art Illustrations, Sgraffito, Pink Flowers, Portion Plate, Porcelain

鹿児島睦 | ペーパーコースター「AXCIS,INC.」

鹿児島睦 | ペーパーコースター「AXCIS,INC.」

Makoto Kagoshima

I just discovered these delightful ceramics via a plate a day and Jollygoo from Makoto Kagoshima which are available from Biotape in .


Even if the size of & changed from potteries to wall printings, the world of Makoto Kagoshima& art work has benn expressed without any change.