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QUIZ : Le zoo des logos #2

Logo Quiz -- this one has a lot of European logos but do a similar one for U. See what the girls know.

this guy (Simon Walker) is f'in ridiculous (in the best way possible). I've seen…

This logotype is a simple font on a slight slant heading up. The overall style is retro which gives off a traditional vibe. And for contrast, the logo uses directional, diagonal lines which are repeated behind the logotype and the dough logo mark.



Love the way the brand icon is incorporated in the logo on this one. Perhaps this lockup could be considered for us, with the hand being replaced with the peach.

福袋 -新春のお楽しみ-|2013年|イベント|東京ミッドタウン

because of FU

Vintage 1988 Fort Lauderdale sunset t shirt S by retropopmanila, $29.99

Vintage 1988 Fort Lauderdale sunset t shirt S

Vintage 1988 Fort Lauderdale sunset T-shirt by Retropopmanila.



Yagi Aya - logo

Yagi Aya - logo This combination logo is very effective. It provides a clear representation of the brand. The use of white space, and it's minimal design provides a sense of sophistication. This could easily be put on to all kinds of medians.