Mimalmist Bedroom Design Inspiration - Raised Futon Bed with Drawer Storage Underneath - Add Plants & Change Color Pallete





BREATH(ブレス) ミラー L | ≪unico≫オンラインショップ:家具/インテリア/ソファ/ラグ等の販売。

BREATH(ブレス) ミラー L | ≪unico≫オンラインショップ:家具/インテリア/ソファ/ラグ等の販売。

& hostage;

Beautiful contrast with the dark timber floors and raw pallet bed. Love the pulled draped curtain- this may be my dream room


This is especially important for studio apartments, that do not have separate rooms. Check out these modern curtain divider ideas !


1Rや1KでもOK! オシャレな間仕切りで空間を楽しもう♪

Dothraki nomadic lifestyle grounded in a house: low beds,practical fabric and fur used for the functional and the aesthetic. Hung curtain bed canopy and only the bare essentials. When riding with the Khalasar, you can never bring much


1Rや1KでもOK! オシャレな間仕切りで空間を楽しもう♪

Even without a nook, curtains can split a room in half. Willa Kammerer devised a way to hang curtains from conduit pipe in her 300 square foot studio. with Curtains Hung from Pipe Conduit

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― The Stella Blue Galleryさん( 「Do you ever change up a room, only to change it right back to the way it was 🙈 I had totally…」