Bridal bouquet: w/o green leaves- adding hanging amaranthus (cascade effect), purple scabiosa, limonium, astilbe and nigella pods with lace stem wrap.

Is this lavender? I love the smell of lavender. This bouquet is very pretty, like white flowers, but would also want more blue/purple included.

Label folding chairs. I'll take one of each, please!

Designed by Felix Guyon for Canadian LA FIRME the "Label Chair" is an inventive ultra-thin modern folding chair that can also be used as wall art.





Chalkboard Wall Planter - Grow your plants and herbs on the rustic looking Chalkboard Wall Planter from Williams-Sonoma. The black, chalkboard backing of this decorative pla.

#raamsteeboers storage by ursula

Items similar to Modern cubic shelf bookcases wall units open wood shelves shelving DIY expandable Re-creation modular crate box on Etsy

Desile folding chair. Perfect for stow-away balcony seating.

Christian Desile Folding Chair - The Desile Folding Chair is the perfect seat to triumph over shrinking modern storage issues. Designer Christian Desile is the mastermind behind th.

Walden Side Table by Only Sun Wood Works

Walden Side Table

Walden Side Table by Only Sun Wood Works:matches out home made coffee and side table.

HH Platform Furniture Has a Collection of Parts for Imaginative Assembly

Quirky Custom Shelving

HH Platform Furniture is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Ryan Harc. HH is a platform , which lets you add and remove poles and sticks by yourself to make your favorite shape.