Similar layout to our future media room

8 Fabulous DIY Home Movie Theaters

Home theater room in the attic. A more do-able idea than those other fancy home theater rooms! Much cozier and warmer than the individual recliners in rows that you see in a lot of fancy home theater rooms

Such a beautiful attic bedroom. But let's put some color with our ColorLine television! #TCLDecor #TCLColorLine

Just add chocolate chip cookies, milk, and my hubby! narrow space with good use of shallow walled areas for storage and personal items.

"The bed, with a nightstand on each side, fit compactly against the wall under the sloping ceiling. . .Windows made up the far wall." Description of Lilly's bedroom #ChillFactor

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Attic hideaway

The Seasons of Cozy

Bryce, every girl needs a place to tell stories. a place to cry. a place to laugh. a place to dream. a place to share with friends.

10 Fancy Things You Can Make out of Your Attic Space

10 Fancy Things You Can Make Out of Your Attic Space


Chic and creative home office designs that make the most of limited living space

i want to be in this point in life. sipping coffee while drawing & painting beautiful work, having a vast space to work on; art supplies aplenty at your reach, looking elegantly natural, all while overlooking something grand. (here it's the ocean). Brita Granström illustrates children's books...another dream. Photographed by Diana Pappas.

I love the light that you get from an attic window and the nook like feel of it, privacy. I could write here and think and create. The lady in the photo is Brita Granström illustrator of children's books. Photographed by Diana Pappas.

Desk space in play room for kids! Such a cute idea for them to sit and do their homework!

Turn The Attic Into A Perfect Play Area For The Kids - 25 Inspirational Design Ideas

Making use of attic is a perfect idea to expand your living space, however we often ignore it. So next time when you complain the room is too small, don’t forget that designing an attic can create more living space within your home. A well-designed attic is that great place to spend some quality time […]

Cleverly Increase Living Space By Making Use Of Unused Attic

Liked for Bedroom: Great way to use the attic portion of a house and provide lots of space for sleeping

Turn an unused attic into a cozy library.

Small Space Living: 12 Creative Ways to Use an Attic Space



15 cozy nook ideas for maximum chillaxing - Private reading nook in attic. Or kids reading nook/play area.


Pretty Pastel Decorating Ideas

How about this sweet attic room? Loft/Office Who wouldn't want a hammock in the office!

pictures of converted attics | Attic conversion photos

Flawless Home Cinema Attic Of Interior Home Theater Design On Attic Space In Striking Attic Home Theater


Attic converted to year round ‘camp’ indoors — perfect for parties, sleepovers, or date nights. Attic converted to year round ‘camp’ indoors — perfect for parties, sleepovers, or date nights.