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NieR: Automata new trailer, gameplay, and character details - Gematsu

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川谷デザイン/2014/9/19発売 集英社文庫 「真夏の異邦人」 喜多喜久 イラスト:toi8 集英社

Its soooo prettyyy!

Pequeña guerrera

animal ears armlet arms up bad proportions bare shoulders blade & soul bracelet brown hair cat ears cat tail china dress chinese clothes dress flat chest gameplay mechanics jewelry lips long hair lyn (blade & soul) nightmadness parted lips red ey

gold tutorial

warofomens: Colin Adam’s, the art director of Fifth Column Games, created a new tutorial for all the artists. Hope it helps more artist out there. If you like this tutorial check out the game War of Omens.

Metal Gear, Quiet, by yang-do

bikini cleavage metal_gear_solid metal_gear_solid_v:_the_phantom_pain pantyhose quiet_(metal_gear_solid) swimsuits torn_clothes yang-do

Coloring Tutorial (from sketch to final) by KyouKaraa on deviantART

MASSIVE Coloring Tutorial (from sketch to final) by KyouKaraa


Well you are short.


Blade and Soul Characters

Armor Tutorial

Armor Tutorial - Hot to draw step by step - Drawing Reference