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Celine Aagaard is wearing a pinstriped suit from Gestuz, shoes from Adidas, sunglasses from Celine and the turtleneck is from Arnie Says

デニムシャツ×クロップド丈チノパンのコーディネート:   ボーイッシュな雰囲気がカッコいい、デニムシャツとクロップド丈チノパンを組み合わせたコーデ。 ヌケ感のあるクロップド丈は春夏や秋初めにこそ使いたいですね。 足元はローファーでちょっぴり上品めに。ここはスニーカーやサンダルなど「仕上げたいスタイル」に合わせて色々楽しめます♪

Denim shirts are a fashion favorite for a stylish look.To prove you that they fit in every combination, I'll show you 20 awesome outfits with denim shirts.

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(8) Pin - #Rusas - Rusas

(8) Pin - #Rusas - Rusas


Ice on a weeping willow tree. I took a picture similar to this one when i was approximately 15 years old, we had a tremendous ice storm in 1978 in MA.


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