I am Maru *now with Hana*

Maru is a internet famous cat, mostly known for his videos of crawling into boxes. Cute, funny and fluffy.
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baby maru

Maru the cat (まる 猫) - Baby Maru omg! a kitten pic of the fabulous Maru!

Maru as a kitten!!!!!!!

Maru when he was a kitten Oh my gosh look how skinny and little he was omg omg…

maru | Pictures of Maru - Evan's Blog

Beautiful boy ---> The Box Cat Maru, a Kindle e-book of photos of Maru's passion for boxes.

What? You haven't used it in six months.

What do you think Maru is doing in the video? Check out the interview we did with Maru.

Maru and Hana

*Maru’s Cat, Hana. Maru, you unfettered genius. Who else but a cat of with your beautiful mind would think to get a cat of your own? Have I ever mentioned that you are my everything?

maru the japanese cat | Watch Maru the large Scottish Fold box-loving cat from Japan as he ...

Maru the cute Scottish Fold, box-loving, cat from Japan, thinks no box is too small.