Japanese food / bento

Japanese food / bento: rice is not really paleo, but it can be substituted with some vegetables, nuts, or sunflower seeds.

Japanese Lunch Box. -Obento- This reminds me of my childhood. #lunch_box #japan

How to Pack a Vegan Lunchbox

How to Pack a Vegan Lunchbox. Natalie Lenser, DDS - pediatric dentist in Modesto, CA toothfairyteam

Onigirazu Rice Sandwich Bento おにぎらず弁当

Rice Sandwich Bento (lotus root fried cheese slice + + shiso) (egg + grilled salmon flakes + green beans) (tempura green beans and pumpkin) (lettuce + mayonnaise + teriyaki chicken dumpling

Japanese rice balls

Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular or oval shapes and often wrapped in nori (seaweed). Traditionally, an onigiri is filled with pickled ume (umeboshi), salte (Sushi Ingredients Seaweed)

peanut Onigiri bento

ピーナッツの仲間たち おにぎり弁当

Totoro bento


Epic little soot sprite onigiri with a little bit of Totoro and Catbus on the side makes for a box full of cuteness!

Japanese box lunch, Bento

"Lunch - sweet and sour bean paste lunch-daddy of meat balls into Okara" Oh Rumama

Japanese Bento Boxed Lunch

Japanese Bento Box featuring grilled sesame pork atop a bed of rice, pickled ginger, stewed kabocha squash, and broccoli & tomatoes

Japanese-style Bento Lunch

Japanese-style Picnic Bento Lunch Box with Inarizushi Tofu Bag Sushi|弁当

Cute Snowman Onigiri Rice Ball Christmas Bento Lunch

*use brown rice Cute Snowman Onigiri Rice Ball Christmas Bento Lunch