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The woman on winter walk with a dog - The woman in blue coat walk with a dog

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2014年 反響の多かったもの



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❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful photography of fairy women and flowers -

pink poodles

“The Spring Ladies Club” in Plastik Magazine

Did someone blow dry those poodles? “The Spring Ladies Club” editorial from the latest issue of Plastik magazine shot in a Ladurée shop by Eli Rezkallah, Ryan Houssari and Ross Feighery.

Healthy wolves and healthy women share very similar psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, and are possessed of great endurance and inner strength. They are deeply intuitive, and intensely concerned with their young, their mates, and their pack. They have much experience in adapting to constantly changing circumstances; they are fiercely stalwart and very brave  --Clarissa Pinkola…

Healthy wolves and healthy women share very similar psychic characteristics…


pastel m's into our candy dispenser. Inspiration (See How She makes over Vintage Gumball Machines into these lovelies) :)


Princess Di of the floating island daughter of Kalani and Desdemona

Zena Holloway.

Ethereal Underwater Fashiontography - The underwater fashion photography by Zena Holloway looks so weightless that it appears the models are floating in outer space. The shots with the .