garden pots

I've only been using lowes plane jane terra cotta pots at my house but I like the idea of using terra cotta but in different styles. This is my new Inspiration for potted gardening!



Backyard Inspiration - Ideas for Garden Lovers! I love the pebbled steps! They can curve around and lead you to a secretive place around the home or maybe a small nod around your yard to another bird bath, bird feeder or a beautiful spray of flowers

Love this sweet porch!

Garden - Victorian architecture & Cottage style: My soon to be back porch!

外壁の色と 木製サッシの組み合わせ Redd Wood; Erin Marin

wall color CA, Wine Country: Yountville, Napa Valley: Redd Wood (Erin Martin)

Rue de Jacob Paris

Rue de Jacob Paris- Must See

一見 部屋のようだが、実際にその場に立つと外の感覚。抜群の開放感のバルコニー

Blocking unwanted view and framing view worth seeing

Way, Phuket, Thailand

pathways through a koi pond, design ideas for home and garden, decks, gardening, outdoor living


朝日のあたるキッチンガーデン garden shed wall idea

Plantes grimpantes

Liberal Arts Lab - Darwin Room - I think it's a shop instead of a cafe, but I love it

Gorgeous garden entryway #decor #home

pond by front door via: bohemianhomes: Moon to Moon: The Craftsman builder

アカツキコーヒー @京都市一乗寺 ②

アカツキコーヒー @京都市一乗寺 ②

"13, a baker's dozen" : tel est le nom du Coffee Shop le plus planqué de Paris. Vous ne pénétrerez pas dans ce lieu par hasard. Et pour cause : ce petit endroit exceptionnel est vraiment très bien...

Le Coffee Shop le plus planqué de Paris

a baker's dozen" : tel est le nom du Coffee Shop le plus planqué de Paris.

bklynmed: 17th Century House, Tuscany, Italy photo via chefmark

Century House, Tuscany, Italy photo via theworld. Isn't it amazing how some homes get more beautiful with age and some just fall down.

クッチーナ ソラアンナ もっと見る

Wanna do coffee here at a small cozy cafe.

~~secret garden room~~

gate and sunroom John Milner Architects revival of an early century stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania.

cob house exterior

making cob look like brick