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Obsessed with halftone circle gradation patterns


A halftone is a reproduction of a photograph or other continuous tone picture, in which only various-sized dots of black ink or ink: of a single shade are used to create the effect of intermediate or middle tones of gray. The illusion of different.


Bright coloured lights will attract attention to the design, also will help to highlight the shape and form.

Neon art

Neon Signs Awe Vintage Neon Bar Signs We have a selection of neon signs big enough to make Vegas itself blush Just think about what

jean-charles de castelbajac - henri IV

In Jean-Charles de Castelbajac remixed the equestrian statue of Henri IV on Pont Neuf in Paris. The installation celebrates the anniversary of his death with a blue Lightsaber and a white neon box.


‘Ewiger Lauf’ by Rolf Sachs. Courtesy of Rolf Sachs / Daniel Martinek Ammann gallery.


“Motherboard Earth” – Illustration Project by Alain Bousquet. the wave now a days japanese prints for a new generation

36 Illuminated Installation Captures - From Prettily Hazy Fashions to Immersively Luminous Galleries (TOPLIST)

36 Illuminated Installation Captures

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