He had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard, while he continued to fight the fire.  She is pregnant.  The firefighter was afraid of her at first, because he had never been around a Doberman before.  When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath and rest.  A photographer from the Charlotte, North Carolina newspaper, “The Observer,” noticed this red Doberman in the distance looking at the…

Dog Kissing Firefighter



猫を嫌います, 私は猫が大好きです, 犬vs猫, 笑そう真, 私の人生, 実生活, 面白いもの, 動物, おかしいです

oh we went nowhere, just sat quietly on the porch all morning ~ really!

犬2匹 「ボクたち泥の中になんて入ってないよ

犬の自由を表現した写真がどれも可愛すぎて素敵。 Ron Schmidt氏による作品の数々。 紐に繋がれることのない犬の世界を表現しているようです。 特別犬が好きなわけでもない方でも好きになってしまいそうな写真がいっぱいです。 心温まる写真ばかり。 ちなみに犬と猫のどちらが好きなのかと問われたら、私はど