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I don't think anything can beat the cuteness factor here! Squirrel Mug Topper Cookies. You could make any cookie sit on the rim of a cup.

Lion cookies

look like spritz / round cookie, vanilla wafer center, piped icing, peanuts for ears.

tons of ideas for decorating sugar cookies

Delicious hand-decorated sugar cookies, cakes, sweets, gift baskets and other treats such as brownies and fudge for special occasions.


初心者さんにもオススメ! クッキー作りの基本形*アイスボックスクッキー*を作ってみよう!

[recipe] Lion Icebox Cookies: "Here, I'll introduce the basic recipe for icebox I'll post about the chocolate and custard icebox lions.


Christmas Cookies~ By Jill's sugar collection, red horse, green snowflake, natural reindeer, white wreath


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