Sonic TransBoi

Sonic TransBoi

Sonic TransBoi
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my baby yorkie pomeranian/yoranian/porkie mix puppy Coco likes hiding under the bed, lol.

birthday: june 2011 breed: yorkie pomeranian mix/porkie/yoranian colors: black and tan gender: male

adult yorkie pom

The new age of designer dogs is here. There are many new breeds out there today, each as cute as the other. One such interesting mix is the Yorkie-Pomeranian hybrid, or the Yorkie-Pom. Buzzle provides more information about this cute little pooch.

Outrageous Laws Around the US

Outrageous Laws Around the US. Glad to see that Florida is onboard with not selling your kids, but I am a little concerned that Nebraska makes people with STDs automatically unmarry-able. Canton is rediculous!

It is a very well thought decision, my friends. The chances of changing my mind are extremely slim.

Are we really so afraid of women not wanting kids! There are so many unwanted children in this world and you want there to be MORE of them to satisfy your cultural norm?

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I am a feminist because I am an advocate for the right of choice and equality.I am not having kids is my right and my choice and my hubs and I are happy with the decision and not something that is open to debate or even comments.