Lok Ng used his typo talent to created 16 posters each with its own experimental typography that features a different part, street or building of the city.

Love Guangzhou 愛廣州 - experimental typography

Elixir of Love

花好月圓 秋夕 Mooncake: Packaging and Identity / Point-Blank Design Ltd

隈研吾トークショー AD+D 大黒大悟/2013/北海道清里町 ロゴ、ポスター、チラシ

- Kengo Kuma Talk Show poster by Daikoku Design Institute. I chose this poster because I like the simplicity of the design and how the bottom text is staggered instead of right or left aligned.

[SK여성][위클리파워]오즈세컨&세컨플로어 공식오픈!! | O! Shopping Smart - CJmall

[SK여성][위클리파워]오즈세컨&세컨플로어 공식오픈!! | O! Shopping Smart - CJmall