On the street in Florence during Pitti Uomo. [Photo by Kuba Dabrowski]

They Are Wearing: Pitti Uomo

Check out looks & outfits to see what to wear with a Navy Pea Coat.

Nick Wooster. On the street in Florence during Pitti Uomo. [Photo by Kuba Dabrowski]

They Are Wearing: Pitti Uomo

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sometimes I wish I was an older Japanese man

Compare Contrast, Tokyo « The Sartorialist

you have to have a certain je ne sais quoi to wear something tacky and make it look cool

But you'll never be cigar-chomping, gray bearded, panama hat wearing dude in blue shades cool.

those shorts

On the Street….Perfect Casual Shirt, Milan - The Sartorialist

Alessandro Squarzi at Pitti Uomo

MEN with great style Pitti Day I . Look at those double monkstrap pieces, coupled with the camel hair overcoat .

I thought this was Harvey Keitel. It's not, but I still respect him.

Check for some fabulous old man fashion looks to stay way ahead than others battling with mid-life crisis. As someone had said, ‘as we mature, fashion needs to be less fussy and more sleek and sophisticated, but not fuddy-duddy’.

If you told me you were going to crease and cuff your denim I'd tell you not to, unless you're this man.

On the Street……Faded, Creased, Cuffed Denim @ Pitti Uomo Jacket is just right.


Un ejemplo de Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani: "Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered.

This man has it all figured out.

Doug Bihlmaier, Creative tour de force behind Polo/Ralph Lauren Vintage

Nigel Cabourn

Mike Smith for Nigel Cabourn

Father Crispymas rides again

The Sartorialist : a gentleman cyclist in Milan

#PittiUomo #Pitti.

That face and beard. Incredible vintage mix on the first day of

I just want to ride next to this man and have him impart knowledge all day.

Aged Style Captures

The beard in itself is an accessory and highly indicative of the artistic side to this man. Clothes do not need to be try hard or fussy with a beard as expressive as this.

You can only wear a hat like this if you are this man.

On the Street…… Rue Mignon, Paris « The Sartorialist