Two's Company Hibiscus Tea Set. A delicately sculpted saucer and cup is handpainted porcelain

Toque etnico

Toque etnico: Love, need to go paint some pottery soon!

Small japanese dishes

Clever way to show a collection of plates, without actually putting them on a wall. I love the camera angle and pattern in which they're put down. Backdrop very interesting texture against the porcelain.

海外発送、国際配送 - 京都府 清水焼 陶器 梅の香 抹茶碗: 海外向け通信販売の

International shipping from Japan, international shipping - Kyoto Kiyomizu…

Kutani style porcelain - 九谷焼。柄がいろいろで楽しい。

雨の金沢 〜後編〜

Kutani style porcelain - 九谷焼。柄がいろいろで楽しい。

スノーフレーク 羽織 | DOUBLE MAISON

One more post from kimono shop “Double Maison”! These are very modern and cute takes on haori (kimono jackets).



victorian lady with white roses - dramatica ~vintage wedding dress styling & rental

Franz Collection

フランツ・コレクション コモンポピー カップ&ソーサー スプーン付 fz00799