Verpackung für Geldgeschenke, Gutscheine oder Süßigkeiten: Geschenkverpackung in Hasenform für Ostern // gift packaging for cash gifts, vouchers or sweets: gift package in the shape of a bunny for Easter made by Ohrgesicht via

Hasen-Geschenkverpackung ♥ braun

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could be a great necklace, swap the key for a stone pendant or punched metal plate.

5 Things That Are HOT On Pinterest This Week

5 Things That Are HOT On Pinterest This Week

Designer Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero, has created a unique way to give life back to used plastic water bottles. His idea was to create a printed sculptural vase exterior, that can be placed over the top of a water bottle, and can be screwed on like a

【楽天市場】【KOH-I-NOOR】コヒノール 木製ハリネズミのいろえんぴつ24色セット 【色えんぴつ】【事務用品】【オフィス 文房具】【デザイン文具】【ステーショナリー】【KOHINOOR/コヒノール】:イーオフィス, hedgehog, pencil holder, I LOVE it!

Guys, it's a pencil hedgehog. A hedgehog for your pencils. I didn't know I needed this until now.

Keiko Kume

Printing structures and textures (KEIKO KUME) [I mistook this photo at first, read the horizontal line as a twig or bamboo rod the hung from.

スクリーンショット 2013-12-02 1.27.18

Outlet Plate Uses Antlers to Hold Charging Phones ------------ I looked at this first and thought, is cabela's selling this? (as they are all things antlers.) but this is actually a pretty brilliant idea


This paper features patterns with translucent parts. You can roll it, lay it, wrap things with it, or otherwise enjoy using it by taking advantage of the translucent quality.

山喜製茶組合 YAMAKI さえみどり | 静岡デザイン事務所 | plus+

山喜製茶組合 YAMAKI さえみどり | 静岡デザイン事務所 | plus+

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