Dog <3

Reddit meet Chip my 14yo retriever and his hat Luigi the labradoodle

Stop it. This is a puppy in footy pajamas.

a golden retriever pup in pajamas = cutest thing ever OMG! I can't even with those PJ's!

Yoga Dog

Photo of the Day Even puppy work hard to keep a flat stomach.


You'll stay the whole time Right Mom?

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Cockers--adorable from any angle. (I know from experience it doesn't take long for them to get over that baby gate.


This picture makes my heart happy! Children and dogs- best friends!

日本の柴犬が一生懸命ヒーターで肉球を暖めようとしてる写真が話題に→海外「可愛すぎる!」|海外まとめネット | 海外の反応まとめブログ

The almost human-like sight of a little puppy stretching his tiny paws out in the direction of the electric fireplace.




Puppy - too cute! Pomeranian, yes I am the cutest thing ever!

Look how productive this mom golden retriever is! If she can walk 5 babies on her own, you can do anything! I have a golden retriever and she walks herself!



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