I love seeing how designers modified an existing typeface. (by Gretel). Should you require Fashion Styling Advice & More. View & Contact: www.glam-licious.webs.com

how designers modified an existing typeface. (by Gretel). / Style / logo / identity / redesign / brand refresh and update

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sérigraphie_paris_fluorescent_reliure NS: it is growing increasingly rare to see type this skilled and novel.

Meyers - Image Based Design. The Creator Store. The simplicity of this design is what makes it work, the subtle details in the typeface allow the viewer to be engaged.

the creator store logo design by Mark van Leeuwen beautiful typography letter logotype custom swashes lettering with black and white sans serif font, white wordmark design inspiration ideas

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Just because the plan is funky and distinctive, many corporations think that they have designed wonderful. Logo designs which are too complex will sim.