Alphatecture brilliantly executed by Peter Defty. He is a professional photographer based near Leeds, in the UK, and takes these photos all over the world. They remind you to look up once and a while. maybeitsgreat: ALPHATECTURE by Peter Defty, UK

win09_13_02_l.jpg 1,000×1,362 像素

Panasonic’s new advertisement for their new line of refrigerators with new technology vegetable crispers uses the famous Kanagawa wave by Hokusai Katsushika rendered in vegetables.

Text wraps around image, harsh type vs. soft image (*part of bigger brand identity)

Melbourne Dance Company 2012 - Love this poster featuring the great new branding and strong photography. Created by Josip Kelava

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Part 1 third seat of the Japan Industrial Advertising Awards newspaper division series Advertising Awards

geometric art

Gatorade Evoluciona & New Line G series Illustration for 2 advertising campaigns for Gatorade