'Yasono', Ways to Tie an Obi, A New Publication (Shimpan obi musubisama kusagusa) , Japan, 1920

zzzze: Hideki Fujii, Untitled A,1980 Fujii Hideki 藤井 秀樹 (1934-2010) Untitled A…

taishou-kun: zzzze: Hideki Fujii, Untitled Fujii Hideki 藤井 秀樹 Untitled A - (model : Yamaguchi Sayoko 山口 小夜子 - Japan - 1980

Blue Jean body shot

Pictures of David Bowie Doing Crazy Stuff. David Bowie as Screaming Lord Byron in the music video for “Blue Jean,” 1984 (links back to website)

De 15 a 18 horas sonando DÉJALO SER RADIO Programa en vivo de clásicos del rock con la conducción de Julio Cesar / Visita www.radiodelospueblos.com Young David Bowie

THIS DAY IN ROCK HISTORY: January In order to not be confused with the band member from the Monkees, David Jones changes his last name to Bowie.

Trent Reznor and David Bowie. How I would have loved to see these two in concert together, but I'm sure that won't happen again...

David Bowie & Trent Reznor This is an incredibly underrated era of music and style for Bowie.