potential work corner in the larger bedroom. But I like the background colour of dark blue that goes well with wooden texture (I already have a desk)

Designed by David Boyle Architect

Wood Home Office Furniture Furnishing Ideas With Glass Windows And High Ceiling Of Eclectic Marrickville House Sydney: Eclectic Marrickville House Sydney by David Boyle Architect


bay windows we'd like taylor swift to consider

家にいながら仕事が捗る“魔法の空間”:プライベートも守れる「ワークスペースのつくり方」|U-NOTE [ユーノート]

家にいながら仕事が捗る“魔法の空間”:プライベートも守れる「ワークスペースのつくり方」|U-NOTE [ユーノート]


Random Inspiration 96

Hoke Residence by Skylab Architecture. Remember the Cullen’s house from the motion picture Twilight? Its real name is the Hoke Residence and it’s been designed by Portland-based firm Skylab Architecture.

三角屋根の家: 林建築設計室が手掛けた家です。




breakfast nook..its nice to eat breakfast watching a great view like this

I want a dining nook so bad! I love how this one sits up a little higher and against the picture window. :: Sea Ranch dining nook by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop ::




Half wall separating office from larger room. Would be great in a home with a great room but doesn't have a formal office space.

"【集中できそう】中庭に面した狭く薄暗いワークスペース | 住宅デザイン http://t.co/c6urhlR5Dv このワークスペースの雰囲気、ちょっと良くないですか? 細長く、薄暗く、椅子はパイプ椅子だし、内装はチープだし..."

住宅デザイン.com on

The Strange House is a 75 sqm space for live and work, owned and designed by London-based architectural practice Hugh Strange. The house is structured with

S-M house:ストリップ階段の下を利用したプレイルーム。ファミリークローゼットとしても使えます。

S-M house:ストリップ階段の下を利用したプレイルーム。ファミリークローゼットとしても使えます。