Ergo Proxy

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"Lie is truth, until you recognize it as a lie. To see the truth behind those lies is probably the right thing to do. However, it may not necessarily bring happiness. Lies are happiness." ~ Hoody

Sadie Moore
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Рисунок карандашом :: Ergo Proxy :: красивые картинки :: девушка

★ прикольный пост ★

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◐ Yin + Yang ◑

“Thumos” (θυμός) enclosed in the lungs, taking intelligence as a hot element, becoming after all “Psyche” (ψυχή) when it leaves the body with the last breath… then it becomes a cold element. But when...

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Oh! That was really difficult cosplay for us. Especially for Ergo proxy - our make up artist was doing the mask for 6 hours! But the result is perfect. ... Ergo proxy