Yanagi-shouji KYOTO JAPAN 柳小路

Yanagi-kouji near ShijoKawara-machi, central Kyoto-city, Japan 柳小路 京都

Kyoto, Japan 瑠璃光院 #緑 #Green | GANREF

Pay attention to the railing and trim adapt that structure to the homes architecture


Japan is a country full of culture, amazing outfits, perfect photography opportunities and everything in between. i love you Japan.

summer holiday 2011 #42 by Hideaki Hamada, via Flickr

Portraiture and More: Japanese Film Photographer Hideaki Hamada - Lomography

Hideaki Hamada

Hideaki Hamada's photos of his two sons, Haru and Mina, draw you into their world. The pictures tell of their little adventures and may remind you of your own childhood.

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