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oh my, how beautifully he managed to assort this outfit of modern and traditional Japanese elements! the scarf is totally genius, it matches the kimono (or yukata?) perfectly.    "Photo taken on a Tokyo street, featuring a brave man showcasing how one can simultaneously look both modern and hold on to old traditions."

thekimonogallery: Photo taken on a Tokyo street, featuring a brave man showcasing how one can simultaneously look both modern and hold on to old traditions.

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スノーフレーク 着物 ie, snowflake kimono by Double Maison, with [probably] a Hanhaba obi tied into a CHO musubi variation? Please see link for more photos of this coordination!

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yukata_b.jpg (450×888)

yukata_b.jpg (450×888)

画像表示 - ブライダル専門美容師のこだわり仕事 - Yahoo!ブログ

画像表示 - ブライダル専門美容師のこだわり仕事 - Yahoo!ブログ

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