Sunset field of sunflower, Buenos Aires, Argentina.when we were in Poland there would be fields of sunflowers just like this picture. It's amazing how large they grow!

watermelon cantaloupe lemonade.

Watermelon Cantaloupe Lemonade

Watermelon Cantaloupe Lemonade Large Watermelon Large Cantaloupe Juice of 8 Lemons 2 cup Sugar 2 cup.


Sweet Puppy and Sunflowers Lab mix Puppy peeks over fence with Sunflowers in the background.

Early summer limited-cinnamon cookie dough pastry from Kyoto called "hydrangea" 京都で見つけたかわいい初夏限定・生八つ橋菓子「アジサイ」


Has a collar, so though on the beach, obviously an owned cat. Cute ginger cat relaxing on a beach.

watermelon sorbetto


Can dogs eat watermelon? Of course, dogs can eat melons. Must give watermelon to your dog but with caution. must remove seeds and shell from watermelon.


watermelon salsa ~ tasty spin on a Mexican favorite

:) i can imagine this happenin. walking up the beach. a cat? on the beach? in a beach chair?

Dogs riding bicycles, sloths in school, and lizards and having spa days? Meet 20 funny animals who are pretty sure that they're actually human beings.: 20 Funny Animals Who Think They're People


Gooey candy with fruits called "anzu-ame" @ Japanese summer festival.