Puppy's thinking「なんか・・・つ、つらい・・・」.  Keeps puppy out of trouble when you're busy...hahaha

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puppy time out. I'm serious. Molly can be a bitch to Buster. She gets a time out and then goes and makes up with him.

Akita Inu | Акита Ину, Shiba inu | Шиба Ину

best image ideas about japanese akita inu - dogs that look like wolves

帰宅ったらわんこがモフ尻になっていた pic.twitter.com/f8pcQXzGsg

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corgi thien ha de nhat mong cong -mông chó corgi -These adorable Corgi planter pots are perfect for herbs, succulents, small flowers, and whatever else you can think of! Made of high quality resin they will last a long time and will not rust or weath


Life with a corgi. The struggle is real. My grandma lives less than a fourth of a mile from my house and my corgi has to take multiple stops before she gets there.


2014年 反響の多かったもの


Shibas: secret cats Here’s the other screen print collab I recently did, this time with Nina Matsumoto. Who doesn’t like Shiba Inus?