Meridian Cosmetics by Sally Carmichael. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging

Embalagem - Meridian Cosmetics by Sally Carmichael. Pin curated by

Creative milk packaging: Bottle Design by Woorim Choi. It's Milk! How cool to have milk in these.

lobster matches

Pearl of the Atlantic matchbox. I love this match box design, the lobster is a common fish caught and eaten in Atlantic City. I love the image design of the lobster and the way the words have been wrapped around it.

Imayu Tsukasa's Nishikigoi Sake is bottled and packaged to look like Koi (or carp). Designed by Bullet Inc of Japan. 2016 IF Design Award winner.

【ギフト】 錦鯉:720ml

The western world is really lacking when it comes to sake, maybe my store could sell sake on top of all the other popular beverages? Could that be my point of difference?

Map tag | card

Old map house shaped labels

Pale ale, beer

Au yeah! American Pale Ale

The product packaging refers to American dixie culture: the label shows a picture of a smiling redneck holding a banjo in his arms. The typeface that describes the beer has been hand-drawn and intends to imitate a handmade look “dirty”.

Waitrose Fresh Herbs

fresh herb packaging at waitrose

Life's really not that hard bandages

I ALWAYS want to put a bandaid on my friends, family and me! ~ I NEED these bandaids! to see this bandaid box


Poilu: Creative Moustache Paintbrush Packaging by Simon Laliberte


love the look of simple stamped text & graphics on brown paper bags ~ great for gifts, party favors, or to make a lunch sack something special


TOP 30 des packagings les plus design et malins. On frôle la perfection !

Old beer cans. #packaging #type #design #retro

Vintage Packaging: 500 Beer Cans from Around the World

vintage packaging : beer cans around the world

The Melting Pot Brewing Company

The Melting Pot Brewing Co.

The Melting Pot Brewing Company beer label

Kraft Boxes Soap Boxes with Honey Bee Window ~ Pack of 10 ~ via this Etsy store, "Somerset Market".

10 Kraft Boxes Soap Box with Honey Bee Window 2 5/8 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/8 inches

10 Kraft Boxes Soap Box with Honey Bee Window 2 x 3 x 1 inches on Etsy, Sold

retro packaging - love

don't like smoke at all, but this Vintage Packaging for Lucky Strike cigarettes is simply lovely