25 Incredible Photos Made Without Photoshop

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TOPIC Veil - The Jasmine hair comb is a charming piece to frame your locks as you down the aisle. Perfect to add a hint of feminine appeal to any bridal look.

This is surprisingly gorgeous. I wouldn't have liked a wedding gown with a floral print if someone had suggested it, but this is beautifully designed!

[What a pretty coat! I'd love to have one for dressy winter occasions, even for everyday wear.] Tokyo Rebel: Victorian maiden's winter coats and Beth polo dress up for reserve!

新郎様タキシードをもっとオシャレに着こなす個性のあるコーディネート | 大阪・阿倍野。オーダースーツ大阪/神戸/京都/奈良/スーツ着こなしブログ 大阪 オーダースーツ屋 ロブザーコ → 最新記事はこちらから ←

Spring Wedding Dresses With Gorgeous Architectural Details

What are features wedding dresses with architectural details? Spring wedding dresses have strict, geometric shape and laconic minimalism in details.

January, 1955 // Seventeen Magazine I wonder if elegance and propriety is on a downfall because we females don't wear dresses?