I have seen this ad before but I think Nike is promoting their brand in a really creative way that hasn't been done before. Nike is showing that their brand sells to the athletic audience but it is also raising awareness for the fact that a lot of people no longer exercise.

Creative advertising

あ もっと見る

驚いてステキ。 - 現役デザイナーの「ステキな広告

NESCAFÉ nos despierta en un lunes de fiaca

I like the letters forming a simple shape. Maybe we could do this as an extremely lite background with the letters for "architect" spaced out and other info over it?

McDonald's / TBWA

Les prints étincelants de McDonald’s

McDonald& has created this simple yet appealing poster campaign to advertise its late-night opening in France.

van gogh clarified :) creative-print-ads-11

I Never Thought Pictures Could Impact Me So Much. But These Hit Me Hard.

llllitl-keloptic-opticien (Using Vincent Van Gogh) Nailed it. Message is clear (pun only somewhat intended).

Print advertisment created by Miami Ad School, Germany for Vaseline, within the category: Beauty.

The Print Ad titled The Cracked Paintings, 1 was done by Miami Ad School Berlin advertising agency for Vaseline in Germany.

I just saw that this ad reads sex in the smoke, by her hairline, hmm... Coincidence? I don't think so...

50 Genius Print Ads With Brilliant Design Techniques

25 Must See Creative Outdoor Billboard Examples Guerrilla Marketing Photo

25 Must See Creative Outdoor Billboard Examples

Funny pictures about McDonald's Sun Dial. Oh, and cool pics about McDonald's Sun Dial. Also, McDonald's Sun Dial photos.