A Rock In A Hard Place - Kjerag Mountains, Norway. - Imgur Love how they’re feigning “casual.” Dicey!

Kjeragbolten – Kjerag boulder is wedged into a mountain crevasse in west Norway along the Lysefjord. Because Preikestolen is so crowded, Kjerag has become a popular hiking and climbing destination. You don’t need equipment to walk out onto the rock,.

これは現実世界か?と言葉を失うほどに…。2ヶ月限定「瑠璃光院」の紅葉が神秘の美しさ | by.S


これは現実世界か?と言葉を失うほどに…。2ヶ月限定「瑠璃光院」の紅葉が神秘の美しさ | by.S

那智の滝 nachi falls - wakayama japan

The Nachi Water Fall is 133 meters high, 13 meters wide, and has a water flow of one ton per second. This is actually the highest waterfall in Japan and the object of the worship in the Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine.

2006年2月、「一泊でいいから、<br />評判の良い温泉旅館に泊まろう!」<br />ということになり、<br />以前から気になっていた<br />山形県の北東部にある<br />「銀山温泉」へ行きました。<br />ここは、その名の通り、かつては銀の産出地として栄え、<br />銀山廃鉱後は湯治場として知られるようになったそうです。<br />

大正ロマン漂う街・冬の銀山温泉編 (銀山温泉

You can see beautiful spot and take nice hot spring at Yamagata in Japan!



The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany, is a 25 meter tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with built-in transparent elevator. The AquaDom can be found at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin-Mitte.


The Setogawa River, teeming with carp, runs through the castle town of Hida-Furukawa. The river was designed during the Edo Period, and was originally intended to irrigate rice fields with excess water from the moat of Masushima Castle.



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ak47: “ saki-chi ”

Its downtown was used as a model in the anime movie Spirited Away. It was one of the few places I was in in Taiwan where I thought I would die of panic and beauty at the same time. Soooo many people.

上色見熊野座神社 - Google 搜尋

Forest Shrine in Takamori-machi, Kumamoto japan hotarubi no mori es real location