Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects in Tokyo

House H by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects In Matsudo, Chiba, Tokyo

Architecture, Modern Minimalist House Design With White Exterior Color Decorating Ideas And Glass Window: Bright and Open House H by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects


The home of illustrator Mariko Hirasawa & music representative Kohei in Suginami, Tokyo, Japan.

Architect: Archi-Union Architects Location: No. 1436 Jungong Road, Yangpu…

Tea House / Archi-Union Architects

Shangai-based studio Archi-Union Architects has designed this Tea House and library . Completed in this contemporary tea house is located in the backyard of Archi-Union Architects’ office, in Yangpu District, Shanghai, China.

The Grounds, has becomed one of Sydney’s most frequented and loved cafes. A former warehouse and 1900s pie factory, The Grounds is a café, restaurant, artisan bakery and coffee roasting facility rolled into one. The designer Caroline, maintained the integrity of the former warehouse by embracing its rustic and industrial aesthetic. She has combined polished tiles, blackened steel frames, bespoke wooden cabinetry, polished white and green subway tiles and refitted shipping containers.

A cozy and rustic interior gives locals of Alexandria, Australia somewhere to go to. Designer Caroline Choker not only brings us an enriched interior environment but a philosophy of sustainability and keeping the history of a space intact.

Tea House / Archi-Union Architects--concrete movement!!!

Tea House / Archi-Union Architects

The Tea House was designed by Shanghai-based architectural design firm Archi-Union Architects. [quote]The Tea House, located in the backyard of Archi-Union

Servíettur Hrafnar

Servíettur Hrafnar

Thermobollar 2 saman í pakka. Taka 210 ml hvor og má setja í uppþvottavél…

Hrím is my favorite shop in iceland, these mugs are from an icelandic designer…

Taktu þátt í Pinterest leik Vorhus living

Taktu þátt í Pinterest leik Vorhus living

Himbrimadúkur dökkur

Dark table-runner made from cotton, size Made in Sweden from high quality materials.