tea packaging


Simply T [Tea Packaging] - Simple and unassuming, even without attracting attention to the appearance of packaging for the tea bags came up with a student designer Maria Milagros Rodriguez Bouroncle

煎屋 手焼きせんべい富士山

煎屋 手焼き煎餅富士山 6枚入箱

try making chocolate mountain shaped cookies & only icing the snow, or make a chocolate bundt & slice into mountain shapes & only ice the snow.

Amelie gift pack

Livework Amelie gift paper bag Large and Small by Livework. The Amelie Gift paper bag set is a perfect for favors, packing box and many other packaging use.

pencil packaging.

Pencil Packaging Design

Gris 12 - student package design for a pencil set. Pencils are placed in test tubes and topped with a cork that labels the lead type (H, etc)

Fun lunch

stickers to make faces on lunch (buy eye stickers @ dollar tree) fun lunch surprise for kids!

横浜名物 シウマイ Soy sauce cruet / 崎陽軒 Yokohama obento is popular, especially shumai, You know you have a Yokohama obento when these shoyu containers are included.


白クマ塩ラーメン White bear salt ramen (polar bear) A package to touch and feel. It almost pretends to be a toy.