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Paperpedic Cardboard Paper Bed - These fully recyclable bed frames, called the Paperpedic Cardboard Paper Bed by the German company KARTON, are an amazing invention that can hold u.

Helen Seated Mark Demsteader

Mark Demsteader is one of the most popular and influential figurative artists in Britain today, Mark's drawings have a sensitivity and an unfinished quality that make them powerful, enigmatic and stunning

Kevin Beilfuss #beautiful #body #sketch

Eduardo By Kevin Beilfuss (? Smudge like affect gives the unfinished body life, and movement

This sketch in progress shows how tennant works through his drawings, swooping his charcoal strokes. His build up starts light but gets darker forming the shapes of shadow, and forms of the figure. This build of depth in the figures creates space. This is primarily created by the critical lighting, and how it highlights certain muscle and bones in the figure, while ignoring those that would make the drawing shallow, or flat.

I find this drawing really intriguing as it took anatomy into consideration when shading and highlighting to make a flat image

栓抜き 『枠、三日月、日食』 - 手がけたもの / 大治将典 - Oji Masanori / Oji & Design

Brass Bottle Opener / some of the most attractive bottle openers i've ever come across. designed by Oji Masanori for Futagami. by yvonne

很甜( ´▽` )ノ

"Honey I'm home!" key rack concept by two talented industrial design students: Malorie Pangilinan and Luz Cabrera. -- The firm keyring fob would be difficult to misplace and so easy to hang up. Love it!