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Kira Lebedeva. Dancer. Belly Dance. Kiev.Ukraine. by

Kira Lebedeva. Dancer. Belly Dance. Kiev.Ukraine. by

Géométrie sacrée

Mandalas express in an outward symbol the inner unity of being.DeMaria Sacred geometry is an ancient science, a sacred language, and a key to understanding the way the Universe is designed. It is the study of shape and form, wave and vibration, and m

I started 2016 off with a goddess & wanted to end it with a goddess! ♡ Bastet is the most requested illustration I get across social media, so this is also a HUGE **thank you for 10,000** followers here on Tumblr! (ノ∀\*) Your love and support means...

Bastet by Nikkie Stinchcombe / Little Paper Forest. Bast or Bastet, the famous 'cat goddess' of ancient Egypt. Depicted as a lion headed or cat headed woman often carrying an ankh or papyrus wand. She is associated with the all seeing eye (the utchat) and