Chocolate praline cupcakes

Tofurniczki Orzechowo - Czekoladowe {pp: Chocolate Praline Cupcakes} : jadlonomia

Affogato with Frangelico

An affogato is a traditional Italian espresso-based treat. The full name is “affogato al cafe” or “drowned in coffee,” in Italian. It consists of a scoop of ice cream/gelato with a shot of hot espresso poured over the top.

4つの材料を混ぜるだけ濃厚ガトーショコラのつくり方 | あさこ食堂


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#Milk Bottle #Concept designed by Dmitry Patsukevich -

Milk Bottle Concept

Milk Bottle concept designed by Dmitry Patsukevich

材料は3つだけ♡手作り感がうれしい”かんたんプリン”とアレンジレシピ | by.S

材料は3つだけ♡手作り感がうれしい”かんたんプリン”とアレンジレシピ | by.S

Japanese foods

Japanese foods

Japanese sweets

green, Japanese sweets, Mizu-yokan jelly and matcha green tea 水羊羹と抹茶

Uni (sea urchin). Add soy sauce and it's delicious.

Uni (sea urchin) sushi I LOVE this stuff

Sushi Platter ☆

sushi and sashimi with white wine this is why i love japanese food.looks beautiful,light,clean and fresh

Hiyayakko (Chilled Tofu) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Hiyayakko (Cold Tofu)

Japanese Chilled Tofu (Hiyayakko) 冷奴 My mom aways made this but would make it even better by topping it with dried bonito flakes.

「100均グッズで簡単朝食演出」:JUNAさん連載:ちょっとの工夫で家族がよろこぶ! JUNAごはんと盛り付けのススメ:レシピブログ

re: Easy Japanese breakfast

Japanese Sweets / 煉り切り

Japanese Sweets / 煉り切り

Serve this Baileys Irish cream hot chocolate at your Christmas party, and everyone will be asking you for the recipe.

16 Festive Hot Chocolate Drinks That Will Make You Excited For Cold Weather

Bailey's Irish Cream Hot Chocolate: Heat 3 cups of milk in a small saucepan and slowly stir in of chopped chocolate. Combine with of Original Baileys Irish Cream and garnish with chocolate and whipped cream if desired.

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast in Kyoto 瓢亭の朝粥

「里の秋」Yoshinobu Tsuruya

「里の秋」Yoshinobu Tsuruya "fall in the village"

Japanese Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day) Sweets

::Hinamatsuri Sweet:: Make using Mousse.