Breast Cancer Foundation:  Facebook

If you are reading this article, chances are you have breasts or care about someone who does. Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month, Singapore's Breast Cancer Foundation and DDB Singapore teamed up to create a clever and eye-catching new ser…

Breast Cancer Foundation:  Bottom

The Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore used the art of body painting to remind women about the dangers of breast cancer. “Are you obsessed with the right things?” A lot of women are more obsessed with a pimple then they are concerned about brea

ACRES: Tree Rings | Ads of the World™

ACRES (Animal Concerns Research Education Society): Tree Rings (This one requires that you look at the picture closely to see the creative.

(Privacy filter for laptop.) Campaign for 3M brand privacy filters.

Do not disturb: This 'screen privacy' hoodie supposedly blocks unwanted attention but is likely to have the opposite effect

Bose:  Construction

The Print Ad titled CONSTRUCTION was done by DDB Singapore advertising agency for Bose in Singapore. It was released in Feb

Selleys:  Frogs

The Print Ad titled Frogs was done by DDB Singapore advertising agency for product: SELLEYS SUPA GLUE (brand: Selleys) in Singapore.


Bubbles made from dishes, light, clean and simple Agency: JWT SingaporeKaren Hurley