Space Shuttle Breaching the Clouds.

Funny pictures about Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. Oh, and cool pics about Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. Also, Space Shuttle breaching the clouds photos.


Planes, trains, ships, cars ahd other. **************************************This looks photo-shopped to me, but the design looks interesting! The best collection latest technology information

Endeavour & 747 carrier

Round trip with Endeavour

The space shuttle Endeavour,fresh from the mission and mounted atop its modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft, flies over California's Mojave Desert on a three-day trip back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday Dec. By AP Photo/NASA

omg. a robot tea infuser!? love it!

All Neutral Shift Dress

armed with technology tea infuser is robot hanging swimming inside cup of tea, adorable robot tea infuser. gift ideas for the technology lover robot gifts

Brutsch Mopetta 2 stroke 50cc, 1956  I need to feel like I'm driving a bumper car to work. Somehow being in a traffic jam seems like it would be more fun.

Brütsch Mopetta

Latest drawing: Our monster's driving a Brütsch Mopetta , which I first saw in this picture in Object's Top 20 Bubble Car list. What a lovely little car, what a fine little pipe chappie. Gosh, it makes a good wind-up toy noise, too:

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World «TwistedSifter

SO COOL - global internet use charted over 24 hrs >> Infographic: Hackers Create An Amazing, Illegal Portrait Of The Internet

Beautiful symmetric typography


Scott Kim - mirror alphabet inversion or ambigram - Beautiful.


1948 Buick Streamliner- Norman E. Timbs, a GM engineer, designed this car. Unlike the beautiful cars that Harley J. Earl was famous for, this one is crafted from aluminum and weighed only Awesome ride!

歴史の一ページを今に伝える貴重な20枚の写真 : カラパイア

Strange Historical Pictures - 1935 Construction of the San Francisco Bay Golden Gate Bridge! January 1933 to May The San Francisco (south) anchorage and Marin (north) anchorage were constructed.

「進撃の巨人」女型巨人、海外コスプレの完成度が高すぎると話題に | DDN JAPAN


"Kan-sya" = "A-ri-ga-to-u-go-za-i-ma-su"

Clever combination of "kansha" (gratitude, 感謝) and the kana for "thank you"…

3Dプリンターでヤドカリが芸術作品に:日本人アーティスト «

Japanese artist Aki Inomata printed shells for hermit crabs featuring some of the world's most famous skylines.

ごらん、地球が呼吸してるよ。まるで生命体のような神秘の地球、GIFアニメーション : カラパイア

Funny pictures about The Earth’s Seasonal Heartbeat. Oh, and cool pics about The Earth’s Seasonal Heartbeat. Also, The Earth’s Seasonal Heartbeat photos.

Not sure what it is but like it

The Vader Project Darth Vader’s wardrobe of helmets was a hit this week: a slew of topnotch urban artists such as Gary Baseman provided one hundred options for the man in black.

Pretty dogs moving their house ;-)

This is so cute that whenever I feel down I'm going to look at this photo! A dog dressed as TWO dogs carrying a gift!