Well look what I came across today. Work by my classmate Brittany Albertson!    South African wine packaging wyn South African wine packaging   WYN

South African wine packaging - WYN

Graphic Design student Brittany Albertson created a fictional South African wine packaging label called Wyn, meaning wine in Afrikaans.

OCELOT Fig & Orange (dark chocolate 70% Cacao), Scottish brand, organic chocolate. Another brand proving how serious they're taking the business of achieving pretty posh packaging for chocolates... Just WAW!

OCELOT CHOCOLATE Fragrant orange oil and chewy figs complement this smooth, rich chocolate made with beans grown in Virunga National Park in Eastern Congo.

お菓子屋のオリジナルギフトボックス箱 - アルニコデザイン

お菓子屋のオリジナルギフトボックス箱 - アルニコデザイン