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Secret CVC words where kids figure out the initial sounds of each picture to figure out the secret word - great reading practice and beginning sounds practice at the same time!

Short A Activities and Resources (including freebies!)

Short A is usually the first phonics sound you teach in kindergarten and first grade so I figured it'd be a great sound to show you teaching...

40 FREE CVC and CCVC/CVCC cards to create your own Build It-Write It cards.  Great for small group instruction or for literacy centers!

Build It- Write It Cards for CVC and CVCC/CCVC Words - Make Take & Teach

A few months ago, my good friend Keri from the Sweet Life of Teaching was preparing for a training that she was about to offer. On the table was a roll of vinyl chalkboard paper (I’ve never seen or heard of it until this time). As she was describing what it was and how she uses it in […]

Simple DIY Building Words Center- children could identify beginning, middle or ending sounds using a different coloured magnet.

Simple DIY Building Words Center

I want to share a simple DIY building word center that you can make for your students! You can use this with CVC words, or have them practice a specific word family at a time. I found this plastic plastic plate at the 99 Cents Store. It is perfect because it has three slots on one side for the kids to build their word, and a large section for them to store the extra letters. I cut out a piece of paper to cover the Transformer picture ( I assumed that would be distracting, lol!) and taped it…

DUPLO Rhyming Word Matching Game with FREE Rhyming Pictures.

DUPLO Rhyming Word Matching

Rhyming is one of the first pre-reading skills we can model with young children. And it’s fun to do. Songs and rhyming books are a must with young kids. So are rhyming games, like you can find in our Roll-a-Rhyme Activity. NSis {3 years old} loves to rhyme. So, we played a little rhyming word matching ... Read More about DUPLO Rhyming Word Matching

Learners in Bloom: CVC Word Flip Books: 10 Games for Beginning to Advanced Readers


These early reading word books that I made for the twins (3 years old) have been a big hit in our house. The concept is simple, and I thi...

free printable cvc word lists

CVC word lists - The Measured Mom

If you're teaching CVC words in kindergarten and first grade, you'll love this free CVC word list at your fingertips! Use it to create your own fun learning activities for your students. #CVCwords #phonics #kindergarten #firstgrade

cvc/cvce and cvc/c v v c words- Freebie!

cvc/cvce and cvc/cvvc words- Freebie!

Freebie! Three pages filled with those tricky vowel sounds that some students need extra practice with. Students read the 2 words in each box while switching back and forth from a short to a long vowel sound. Use with small group: Listen to students read the list of words. Students could take turns reading one box at a time as they read around the table. Use at a reading center: Set several copies at a reading center for students to partner read. Students can take turns reading each box. Use…

So easy and cheap to do! Blending Books - 3 ring binder, index cards. Consonants on white, vowels on a color.

Blending Books

I love Blending Books! I made several Blending Books for our classroom. Basically, a Blending Book is made using a three ring binder and ...

literacy centers

Daily 5 Working with Words

One of my favorite times of the day is Daily 5. Before this year I dreaded this time of year because centers became boring and behaviors became problematic. The Daily 5 has changed this so much for me. I really was afraid that the items would seem mundane after a while but that has not been the case. So this post is going to show you a few of my favorites for Working with Words. I do a lot of the traditional word study activities and wanted to share my class' favorites. Here is where we…

My kiddos love these sound boxes!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Ideas and resources for early elementary teachers - First grade printables - classroom organization tips - classroom management tips -

cvc words/word families words

Kindergarten Rocks!

YIPPEE~YUPPEE you heard me right....we have "Shake of the Day" in kindergarten! The special student of the day gets to shake the bucket when they arrive at school to see if he/she can make a CVC word. If the student makes a CVC word we will share it with class, and he/she gets a packet of Smarties. Because you know...if they eat Smarties they are going to be smarter! HE HE HE What are some other "Shake of the Day" ideas: Shake all vowels Shake 2 words that rhyme Shake a picture and the…

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “SAMPLE Early Literacy Tools: Elkonin Boxes and Medial Vowel Set”

by Jen Strange Prekindergarten - 1st Grade All elementary school teachers know how important it is to teach segmenting as part o...