Best way to pack clothes for a move... still on the hanger, in a garbage bag! MUST REMEMBER THIS!

THE RUBBER BAND IS KEY! To all my friends moving into college. This is how to move your hanging clothes! Put a rubber band around the hangers and put a trash bag over them! A big black trash bag works the best!

cute diy dorm room decor ideas

Photo Diary: 5 Things You Never Knew About Fashion Week

Cottage Master Bedroom Love the tile. Interior Design cute diy dorm room decor ideas Nancy-Hill-Blue-Dining Interior Design by Nancy Hill.

totally making this.

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas use rainbow colored strings against black. have the students write five things they want to draw before class. (use as basis of the shape for string art)

DIY Wall Art for your dorm room! This is super easy. Make beautiful art for your dorm room or apartment <3

Do it Yourself

DIY Wall Art for your res hall room! This is super easy. Make beautiful art for your res hall room or apartment

チェコ雑貨/東欧雑貨/東欧のおばあちゃんの部屋/部屋全体のインテリア実例 - 2016-10-20 12:04:08 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)

東欧/チェコ雑貨/東欧雑貨/東欧のおばあちゃんの部屋/Overviewのインテリア実例 -2016-10-20 12:04:08


CHOPSTICK REST / The beauty design of Japanese style chopstick rest is designed by SEIZO TADA. It is made with ceramic. You can enjoy the dinner with it.

dorm room craft

Easy Paper Punch Garland What you’ll need: thread, needle, paint color samples, paper punch {any shape will do} you could also do something fun with the negative space--either cut apart the paint chip strips or leave them connected and decorate with them.

Lovely dorm room inspiration for girls!

swaggyrooms: Oh I can feel the cozyness from this room😍🙈 ❄ Rosy room Decor ❄