Japanese packaging for rice


Shirokuma Rice Packaging by Ryuta Ishikawa. I would buy this brand of rice just for the packaging! via: Spoon & Tamago

Packaging Design

idea: adopt a design with a surface feel Pretty and organic design, and again…pastel colours are beautiful / Student Work - Kate Mikutowski - Lovely Package

japanese food packaging by akaoni

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni

Japanese food packaging (looks like craft paper with yellow and black marker drawing or animals — mouse, squirrel, rabbit, bear? Not sure what food this would be . but great packaging.

煎屋 手焼きせんべい富士山

煎屋 手焼き煎餅富士山 6枚入箱

try making chocolate mountain shaped cookies & only icing the snow, or make a chocolate bundt & slice into mountain shapes & only ice the snow.

champagne beau joie #packaging

champagne beau joie, bottle is encased in untreated copper that will age beautifully with time

Get inspired: beautiful concept packaging milk bottle ...

Rebranding and package design for Schepps Dairy’s new milk products by designer Michael Garrett from Carrollton, TX, USA.