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rhubarbes: ArtStation - Mitsubishi Outlander advertisement, by Vaughan LingMore robots here.

Collaboration with Lightfarm Brazil to create a robot version of the new Mistubishi Outlander for their African advertising campaign. I contributed design and modelling of the robot with direction, rendering, compositing and BG from Rafael Villaparde of

concept robots: HAWKEN mechs by Yaron Levi

got green light to post some of the hawken mech i did pretty fun and refreshing from all the guns i usually do =\ so here are few of the High poly…

:D we also upload some our ingame environment art work on Each ingame character model is about concept and highmodel was done in zbrush.

This robot is called Vinegar and apparently conducts orchestras, although I'm not sure why they designed him to look like the conqueror of worlds.