great minimalistic packaging .:. honey hunter

Honey Hunter /// by Fresh Chicken Agency

樽木栄一郎 Solo Live in 盛岡 2014年3月29日(土)岩手県公会堂21号室

Poster by Homesick design. Illustration by Honjo Maiko.

yoshimasa tsuchiya

Inspired by Japanese folklore, myths and dreams, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya carves each sculpture from wood then adds plaster and paint during the finishing process. Tsuchiya holds a Doctor of Fine Arts degree in Conservation, Classical Technique.

smart packaging

This package for coffee cup is a great as it has multi use where there are stands for milk. This solves the problem of carrying milk with the coffee

Oh So Beautiful Paper: National Stationery Show 2013, Part 12

National Stationery Show 2013, Part 12

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Samantha + William’s Illustrated Map Destination Wedding Invitations