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Choosing your wedding color is a big part of the wedding planning process. Pink is one of the perfect color for weddings not only because it is easy to match, but also because of the charm it brings to your wedding. C...

For those who have already got their 2017 weddings on brain, we are now offering a first look into next year’s top 10 trends for wedding invitations. Our prediction for 2017 wedding invitations will be simple, natural.

Both cute and a little frightening: gorgeously enchanting cat masks by Japanese artist Junko Koguchi

Just went we thought we’d seen the creepiest cat mask imaginable, along comes a whole clouder of fantastically freaky felines. These fantastic masks are the work of Japanese artist Junko Koguchi, who.

Japanese fox masks for festival

Japanese fox masks for festival. Tradition said that foxes from all over the Oji area of Kita-ku gathered to visit Oji Inari-jinja Shrine on New Year's Eve. Now, people gather and visit the shrine in fox masks for a parade inspired by the legend.


Hugo Boss started his clothing company in 1924 in Metzingen. His company was supplier for Nazi uniforms since Hugo Boss was one of the firms contracted by the Nazis to design the black SS uniforms along with the brown SA shirts, and the Hitler Youth