Haru Shibayama

Haru Shibayama

Kanagawa・うみとん背部 / ハギス飼いです。本当は柴犬を飼ってます。相模原在住/Haggis-Tamer/Shiba-dog/grind-core/Sagamihara/特技・イヌの気配を感じること /小さい頃からのあだ名「哲学者」なぜ?/時々アドビのイラストレーター使ってます(Mac)/好奇心過多気味/スローフード/
Haru Shibayama
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It's just a bunch of Shiba Inus

St. Vasili temple

Pokrovsky Cathedral which is better known as the Cathedral of St. Vasili is Orthodox church, an architectural monument which is one of the most famous symbols of Moscow and the whole Russia.

The new pope, Pope Francis, went out of his way and broke some ceremonial rules on Saturday to meet Asia, a journalist’s guide dog. Asia is one of the first to be blessed by the new pope.

Pope Francis blesses guide dog among the first to receive a physical blessing from the Pope's hands. Even though I am not Catholic, I think this is so great!