a large room with couches, tables and televisions on the wall above them
inter office ltd. | オフィスデザイン、家具の輸入・販売・製作
two pictures show people working in an office and on the other side of the room
Airbnb Offices Designed with Core Identity and “Belong Anywhere" Philosophy – Gurgaon - The Architects Diary
an overhead view of a living room filled with furniture
Lab photographed from a bird’s-eye view by Menno Aden Source: dezeen.com
an open air restaurant with lots of tables and chairs in the center of the room
アクセンチュア・イノベーション・ハブ東京 | 日経ニューオフィス賞 | 一般社団法人ニューオフィス推進協会
アクセンチュア・イノベーション・ハブ東京 | 日経ニューオフィス賞 | 一般社団法人ニューオフィス推進協会
an empty conference room with wooden tables and chairs
佐野文彦 / Fumihiko Sano Studioによる、京都市の「ソニーCSL 京都研究室」
佐野文彦 / Fumihiko Sano Studioによる、京都市の「ソニーCSL 京都研究室」 | architecturephoto.net
a man sitting at a desk with headphones on and ear phones hanging from the wall
約1平米の半個室空間を作れる組み立て簡単デスク「KOMORU(コモル)」を発売 | 新製品・サービス | 製品・サービス | プレスリリース
約1平米の半個室空間を作れる組み立て簡単デスク「KOMORU(コモル)」を発売 | プレスリリース | Panasonic Newsroom Japan
a man standing in an open doorway next to another person sitting at a table and working on a laptop
GA technologies Offices - Tokyo | Office Snapshots
GA technologies Offices - Tokyo - Office Snapshots
an office with glass partitions and chairs
Confidential Client Offices - Seoul | Office Snapshots
Confidential Client Offices - Seoul
people are sitting at tables and standing in front of wooden partitions on the wall
Airbnb designs adaptable office spaces for London, Sao Paulo and Singapore
The Airbnb office in Singapore by FARM
three people sitting at a round table in an office
Office Fit Out & Refurbishment | Penketh
an empty conference room with glass walls and wooden tables in the foreground, surrounded by large windows
Gallery of Club Med Shanghai Office / 100architects - 14
the inside of an industrial building with lots of wood
Piet Hein Eek Laboratory & Workshop
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in it
「倉庫→カフェ」 Mike’s Kitchen(オーストラリア/シドニー)
people are sitting and walking around in an open area with wooden structures on the floor
Gallery of Tūranga / Schimdt Hammer Lassen Architects + Architectus - 23
Gallery of Tūranga / Schimdt Hammer Lassen Architects + Architectus - 23
the interior of a modern office building with artificial grass
ただの観葉植物じゃ物足りない!海外のユニークなオフィス緑化まとめ|officee magazine
ただの観葉植物じゃ物足りない!海外のユニークなオフィス緑化まとめ|officee magazine
an office with people sitting at tables and chairs in the windows, while one person sits on a chair
ワークプレイスと自然の調和、バイオフィリックオフィス5事例 | Worker's Resort | オフィスマネージャーのためのリサーチネットワーク
ワークプレイスと自然の調和、バイオフィリックオフィス5事例 | Worker's Resort 世界のワークカルチャーから働き方とオフィス環境を考えるメディア
a woman sitting on a bench in an office with chairs and desks around her
オフィス内装デザイン事例 / 東京のオフィスデザインならWORK KIT
オフィスデザイン事例 / 東京のオフィスデザインならWORK KIT
an empty table and chairs in a large room
the inside of a building with wooden walls and metal bars on either side of it
CS.2 inc.|名古屋・東京・埼玉でクリエイティブなオフィスデザインを|エイトデザイン
an empty office with wooden tables and metal scaffoldings on the walls,
GALLERY | 12[12 SHINJUKU]新宿駅直結のオフィス
GALLERY|12[12 SHINJUKU]新宿駅直結のオフィス
there is a man sitting in a room with a mirror on the wall and an open door to another room
These Soundproof Phone Booths And Meeting Pods Are Designed To Be Secluded Spaces For Open Offices
an article about hanging chairs and hammocks is featured in the magazine's website
大人も子どももおうちカフェでのーんびりできそうだね | ROOMIE(ルーミー)
several people sitting at tables in a library with bookshelves and desks on either side
ヤフー株式会社 が引っ越したらしいので行ってきた! - 941::blog
an overhead view of a table with chairs and laptops
HDI HQ Hannover: Modern Workspaces with A Flexible Structure
people are sitting at desks in a room with shelves and boxes on the floor
Gallery of WE Architecture Unveils Pixelated Pop-Up Architecture Office at BLOX Copenhagen - 5
Courtesy of WE Architecture
a person laying on top of a bed in a room next to a window and bookshelf
住宅デザイン | 気になった住宅のバーツやデザイン、家具や内装など、例えば『このキッチンの感じ、いい!』と思ったものを見つけてきては紹介しています。 | ページ 14